The great outdoors

What a summer we have had so far, here’s hoping that writing a blog post about the beautiful weather won’t jinx it!

My 3 year old loves being outside. If it’s the garden, the playground or a day trip to the beach there is nothing better than watching her squeal with delight whilst running around like a loony.

She has super-sensitive skin and I’ve been through all the big name brands (and some lesser well known too) of suntan lotion to find one that offers good protection without giving her a rash or dry skin. This year I’ve hit the jackpot and found ultrasun 50+SPF Extreme. It’s not greasy and rubs in really well and offers a very high level of protection. It’s fine for babies too which means that we’ve been able to use it on our youngest too. You can buy it in Jojo Maman Bebe and M&S too, but I’ve found it cheapest on Amazon.

With the weather how it is we’ve found ourselves at the beach, in the fountains at the Olympic Park, the splash zone in Peppa Pig World and at a few outdoor pools this summer. We’ve got around the risk of too much sun exposure by investing in a few rash vest sets for both girls. They can be brought in high street stores, supermarkets and online.

These suits have also been great for days in the garden when the paddling pool is out. We have this pool which is nice and big for when friends come to play, or when the garden slide used to add just more fun to an already fun situation!

Our girls have so many garden toys. Mainly because if it’s not raining we are out there. Whatever the temperature! The following are our favourites (and by our, I mean our 3 year olds – and whilst she is kept entertained I can have a sit down. Well if the baby is asleep!).

Cozy Coupe –  This was brought for us by my husbands colleagues when our first was born. We built it when she was a year and it’s been used so much since then. I’m not looking forward to the battles that will come when number 2 wants to get in on the act too!

Gas n Go mower –  Our daughter loves helping Daddy mow the lawn.

Bubble Fish Flora – All kids love bubbles. This machine kicks out hundreds of them at a time at the press of a button. I’ve brought one for all my friends too.

Unicorn Hopper – This was brought as a first birthday present and is still used 2 1/2 years later. There are different animals to choose from too, but my daughter loves Unicorns.

Sand and Water table -. We only add the water in the summer though, otherwise cold and wet sandy hands head indoors!

Swing – Another first birthday present. We were also brought a toddler swing seat to use until our daughter was able to sit on a ‘big girl seat’. It’s easy to swap between the two seats so both of our daughters can enjoy a swing in the garden.

Slides – We have 2 in our garden. A toddler slide and a small slide for our baby.

Picnic table – we have an Ikea one that is similar to the rest of our garden furniture. It fits 4 toddlers around it really easily and it’s lovely to see the kids enjoying their picnic tea on it after a busy afternoon of playing in the garden.

We have a wooden playhouse at the end of the garden where all of this kit (yes, I know there is A LOT of stuff there!) lives. It means it can all be stored in one place when not being used. Is not just a storage shed though. Lots of fun is had playing inside it too.

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