Tips for traveling with baby

It’s holiday season. I love going away and visiting new places. Before Neil and I had kids we loved a road trip and pack as much into a 2 week break as possible. Obviously when you add small people into the mix it’s not so simple, so our holidays have had to change a little.

That said we’ve still managed a good number of long haul trips and we’ve come up with a definitive list of ‘must have’ items for travelling with babies and toddlers abroad…

Travel Bag for buggy – We have the Uppababy Vista and it’s travelled all over the world with us. But it’s an expensive piece of kit and we all know that airlines aren’t always that careful with items. Uppababy have a travel bag for the Vista and the Cruz. It’s not cheap, but it works as an insurance policy for your pushchair. All you have to do once you have brought the bag is visit the Uppababy website to register for the UPPAbaby Travelsafe Program. This will ensure your buggy will be covered for repair or replacement during the stroller warranty period, if damaged when using to bag. You can use the bag with the chassis and the bassinet or the toddler seat. There is also enough space to pack in towels, nappies and coats if needed.

Sling – Because we use the Uppababy travel bag we have never had our buggy delivered back to the plane after our flight. I assume this is because even though it says ‘stroller’ on the side it’s not identified as a buggy by the baggage handlers. It’s annoying as the walk is often a long one from the plane, through immigration and then to the baggage reclaim. We’ve got around this by taking our Ergobaby 360 sling onto the plane. It has also been used to miles of walking whilst at 30,000ft trying to get our babies to sleep!

Travel Cot – Because we travel a lot we take our own travel cot with us. It’s just piece of mind really – we know our baby will sleep in it and that it is clean. We have a Joie Commuter cot. The reason I love it is it’s full size bassinet level that can be clipped on which is perfect for babies under 1. You can put it up and down in a matter of minutes, it is light and compact and it now comes with a travel changing table that you just click on the top.

Potty – If you have a recently toilet trained toddler then I’d recommend the Potette Plus 2-in-1. It’s a potty that turns into a toddler toilet seat. It folds down really small and fits into a changing bag easily. You buy liners that can then be disposed of when you get to a bin. We used ours at the start of the year in the passport control queue at Gatwick when our 3 year old told us she just couldn’t wait! At that point in time it was the Best Buy of the holiday!

Car seat bags – We drive quite a bit when we are on holiday so we take our car seats with us. It works out better value especially when you are looking at paying approx £20 a day for 2 seats. We’ve brought soft sided bags for them to travel in and we pack towels, nappies and wipes in the bags. This protects the seats from damage and also takes the bulky items out of your suitcase/luggage allowance. Our children are under 4, so I’ve not tested the travel booster seats, but friends have said that the Trunkie BoostApak is a good option for older children. It’s a backpack that converts to a car booster seat. I am looking forward to not lugging a massive car seat around!

Kid luggage – A Trunkie is a must have toddler item. Our eldest loves having her own little case for overnights trips to Nanny’s or Grandma’s and also loves being able to pull it around an airport. You will find yourself carrying it a lot, but luckily it has a decent shoulder strap!

Entertainment – You have to keep your kids amused. I stock up on snacks and new toys and books to keep our kids occupied. Our favourite items that have gone down well are:

Farm animals in a tub (which then double up as good toys to play with on holiday too!)
Various sticker books (our favourite are the peppa pig collection or the Airport first sticker book)
Galt Water Magic – we like the fairy one, but there are lots of options.
Crayola Colour Wonder Mess free colouring books
Children’s headphones

We wrap these snacks and toys up in wrapping paper to make it more fun for our daughter and to insure that she doesn’t sneak a peak in my bag to see what is coming. I just write what it is on the back so I don’t give 2 books or 2 unhealthy snacks back to back!

I hope these help you plan your packing for your holidays this year. Please comment or message us if you have any top tips we can add to the list.

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